The Success of P-3 (Ancient Audio flagship product) lived up to its expectations. It has shown beyond any doubt that the idea of correcting some imperfections of a loudspeaker by means of highly specialized custom-made processor brings about excellent results enhancing the performance of each and every hi-fi system.

P-1 makes use of the same algorithm and central unit of the processor as well. It has a smaller storage capacity for different preset modes of the speakers (125 instead of 250)

Additional useful feature of P-1 is that it can be utilised to work with earphones. A whole range of preset modes have been successfully worked out for such headphones as: AKG, Grado, Fostex, HyperX.
P-1 can be adapted to work with dynamic earphones and a built-in headphone amplifier can easily drive any dynamic transducers within 16 -600 ohm range.


The P-1 processor influences:

Loudspeaker differ widely in many respects. Hence the correction parameters for different models must be different. P-3 processor can memorize up to as many as 150 loudspeakers or headphones models. The present database comprises the pre-set modes for the following models: Dynaudio, Sonus Faber, Avantgarde, Wilson Audio, Spendor, Raidho.

Since there is a wide variety of different makes of loudspeakers or headphones we can fully adapt our D-3 processor to your system to make the most and the best of it.

Technical Specification: