Vintage Ribbon

Vintage Ribbon is floorstanding, non compromise speaker system.

It was designed for low power tuve amplifers, as well as high SPL reproducing music, in medium and big rooms.

This speaker links two the best previous Ancient Audio speaker designs.

"Vintage" , gave high efficiency concept, basing on large woofer, with very strong magnet, and high B x L motor.

"Wing Speaker System " inspired to use ribbon midrange / tweeter driver.

Woofer of speaker system was made by Italian B&C , leader of PA drivers.
15 inches ( 38 cm ) huge diaphragm , however lightweight is classical, vinatge paper design.

However, magnet system and voice coil are modern. Strong neodymium magnet enables high efficiency, 100 dB/W/m. High temperature voice coil can handle up to 1000 W of music power, what means 130 dB - comparable do starting jet airplane.

Big area, hard suspension , high motor force made incredible impact , power, energy and control of bass. Even driving by anemic triode amplifiers, Vintage Ribbon easy makes live rock concert impression. Not only because high volume, but mostly by speed.


Ribbon midrange/ tweeter is unique too. Raw of neodymium magnets creates 1 T of field. It is not impressive... unit you point that gap is 25 mm. The thin leaf of multilayer ribbon is both diaphragm and voicecoil. It weights less, than moving air, makes sound of whole speaker system extremally detailed, with excellent microdynamics. Due to special Ancient Audio technology, this driver covers audio band since 800 Hz up to 40 KHz. So, the most music information comes from one, small transducer.

Vintage Ribbon can be driven by 2A3, 300 B or any other low power Single Ended Triode amplifier. These amplifiers has excellent sound, however limited power. Speaker efficiency compensates it, creating amazing sound, also with energy and volume.

Because the most informations came from very small diaphragm, so it is possible to comfortable auditionning Vintage Ribbon from small distance, enjoying also huge soundstage.

Speakers are both energetic and smooth, what is rare combination. So, driven by transistor amplifer speakers can show not only muscules of music, but feather touch too.

We strongly recommend to play Vintage Ribbon with Digital Speaker Processor , what make huge improvment of sound. It will create any aspect of music.


Technical Specification: